Diversity, Equity and Inclusion



KVALITO’s culture is based on diversity, equity, inclusion and mutual respect. For us, these values are not limited to Race, Gender, Ethnicity or Religion. Our culture is also inclusive to employees with different life situations and plans, such as digital natives and remote workers.

KVALITO  fosters a diverse workplace and is proud to be an equal-opportunity employer upholding fair employment practices. Qualified applicants are considered for employment without regard to race, colour, national origin, gender, gender identity or expression, religion, sexual orientation, genetics, disability, or age.

One way that KVALITO implements diversity, equity and inclusion is to respect family obligations, thereby supporting parents to adjust their working hours to the opening hours of daycare. Furthermore, we value senior employees and are pleased to learn from their rich treasury of experience and knowledge.

The sum is greater than its parts

We believe that individual people have a multitude of strengths and abilities, and it is our mission to unite these strengths into one powerful workforce.

Employment at KVALITO is not dependent on Race, Gender, Ethnicity, Religion, a certain phase of life or way of living; it is dependent on collaboration and passion, ability and knowledge, and the willingness to contribute to a common success – for the success of KVALITO is the success of its employees!