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KVALITO​ is exclusively focused on the regulated Life Science and Healthcare market. Each regulated area is clearly defined and carefully selected so that our SMART service is nothing short of impeccable. This is why KVALITO is trusted by companies in the top 10 most successful life science businesses worldwide in the following fields: Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Medical Software, Radiation-Emitting products, Vaccines, Food, Biologics, Blood, Veterinary and Animal Health, Nutraceuticals and Cosmetics. 

Our Pillars of Excellence

The KVALITO service portfolio is based on Pillars of Excellence that cover all essential areas of a technology-enabled and innovative Life Science organization. According to our SMART quality approach our clients have the choice to select all pillars to get the full service, or to go step by step.

Audit & Assessment

Before deciding where you want to go, we’ll tell you where you’re at!

Audit & Assessment is the entry point into Quality & Compliance. KVALITO experts provide business and maturity assessments to give you a clear understanding of where your business stands today. This is the first step to transform, standardize or simply move your business one step ahead of the competition. With extensive experience in audit and assessments at various levels, our experts propose risk-based and pragmatic action and remediation plans.

Computer System Validation (CSV) audits: Cloud (SaaS), Machine Learning, Mobile and Digital, AI, Augmented/Virtual Reality, Robotics, Blockchain, Biomedical devices.

Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) audits: Biologics, Sterile and Cell Therapy-based Manufacturing, Quality Management Systems, Development Centers, Contract Manufacturers and Suppliers, Personalized Medicine.

Smart Quality & Compliance

 Don’t settle when it comes to quality and compliance. Put your SMART foot forward.

​SMART is the KVALITO way of managing Quality & Compliance in the industry.

Using SMART, we build global and local regulatory requirements and industry standards into business processes to build trust with regulators. Organizations enjoy true benefit from this approach as it translates to low impact to business operations, and highest output and value.


Transformation & Change Management

We’ll help you make the changes you want and the ones you didn’t know you need.

Due to changes in corporate strategy, new technologies, mergers, acquisitions and divestures, businesses change ever more frequently and in more fundamental ways. We help our clients to master their change and transformation with focus on efficiency, quality and compliance to guarantee an effective and secure transition of the organization, and fundamental assets such as processes, data, and applications. By understanding your underlying risk exposures, we show you how to practically translate regulatory requirements (GxP, Data Privacy, Security, Integrity, SOX) into management actions with minimal disruption to business operations. 

Strategy & Advice

Get on the Right Track!

We believe that a strategic definition works better when viewed from an outside perspective. For this reason, here at KVALITO, we first collect business goals and company specifics from you so that we can put together a technology strategy based on the Business Strategy. A Technology/Digital Strategy is the enabler for ample business opportunities and growth. The challenge is to determine the right technology mix and ecosystem, to achieve cost-effective implementation and operation of a digital strategy tailored to your needs. Our Strategy Consultants know how to master this challenge to generate solutions based on SMART quality and compliance. 

Business Process Excellence

The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement!

KVALITO’s holistic service approach identifies business needs, determines solutions to business challenges, mobilizes business opportunities, and implements governance frameworks. 

We design and implement Quality Management Systems with definitions of required operational processes, which we build into frameworks based on best practices and applicable regulatory requirements.

Choosing the right ecosystem can be confusing, considering the variety of suppliers and umpteen technologies on the market. KVALITO helps you choose the right platform, select the optimal technology, and design the most effective digital strategy to achieve mobile excellence. We turn your digital and mobile landscape into a structured and standardized ecosystem.

Special Expertise

Total Quality Mindset, Be Ready! 

The KVALITO portfolio includes the provision of talented interim Backup Leadership and Management Professionals for regulated industries. We work with talented Business and IT Executives, and Subject Matter Experts who are qualified, trained and prepared for our client needs. Deep functional know-how combined with holistic thinking enables our Experts to focus on our clients’ most crucial issues and opportunities. We are known to exceed expectations by capturing value across the business, trimming down costs, and revving up efficiency.

KVALITO Consultants

Our large, highly effective network of professionals are top of the line, offering deep and varied subject matter expertise to meet our clients’ demands. Our confidence in what we do comes from our expert team, working closely with a large accessible network of 500+ carefully selected candidates with varying skillsets to draw upon.

Bringing out the Best in You

Service Setup


Do you need an expert eye to have a look at your situation and give you some sound advice? We offer professional Consultation in Business, Tech, Compliance and Product Quality. Our service is tailored to your needs, so whether you need help in one area or many, we’ve got you!

Getting Some work Done

Are you looking for a hand as well as some professional advice? With a talented team of industry professionals with varying backgrounds and a network of 500+ consultants and subject matter experts, we are confident we can lend the hand you need to take you business to the next level!

The Whole Shabang

 Are you looking for that kind of service where you just put your feet up whilst the Transformation crystallizes? We offer Backup and Project Peak Support for when you really can’t take the load on your own. We offer Interim Management and Leadership Professionals, and act as a Strategic Partner for the Temporary Provision of Business and IT Executives.