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Kamil Khan Internship Report

Navigating My Internship in Life Sciences: During my two-month internship as a Learning Life Science Consultant at KVALITO Consulting Group, I embraced the opportunity to apply my background in Business Analytics, Econometrics, and Statistics. KVALITO, known for...

Charlene Tan Internship Report

From Passion to Purpose: My KVALITO Transformation I arrived at KVALITO driven by a passion for healthcare and a thirst for new challenges. My diverse background, blending medical research proficiency, business insights, and healthcare exposure, has provided the...

Jonathan Adler Internship Report

I’ve always had a wide range of interests and explored many different paths on my journey to finding a suitable occupation for myself. In school, I loved art and creative writing. Regardless, I spontaneously chose to study biology in university and continued to shift...

Nixon So Internship Report

I have always aspired to become a well-rounded consultant, skilled in problem-solving across the healthcare industry. Through diverse experiences at KVALITO, I expanded my capabilities in analytics, process excellence, technology, communication, and leadership....