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We Believe in predictive processes and Quality as a Competitive Advantage

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Applied Technology Innovation

We support our life science and health care clients in the field of Applied Technology Innovation and support Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Big Data, Cloud and Robotics.


Changes to corporate strategy, implementation of new technologies, setting up communication protocols, effective risk management, documentation and more.

 We don’t just tell you what to do, we help you get there.


Using algorithms, we build global and local regulatory requirements and industry standards into business processes to build trust with regulators. Low operations impact, high quality outcome.

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Strategy and Advice 

Market innovations and regulation changes are major drivers for improvement in the life science and healthcare industries. Our consultants will adapt your business and digital strategy to keep you ahead of the pack at all times.

Business Excellence and improvements

Our holistic service approach identifies business needs, determines solutions to your business problems and implements governance frameworks and quality checks for guaranteed compliance.

Special Expertise

With decades of experience in Life Science and Healthcare Fortune 500 companies, we offer consultants and even interim management to help create a culture of excellence from within.

Our Commitment & Partnerships

KVALITO has been a member of the UN Global Compact since 2015 and we commit to upholding quality and compliance industry standards to the highest degree

KVALITO is delighted to be recognized by the Eriehungsdepartement Basel Stadt as a training company! Our commitment to vocational training encourages young talents to develop their knowledge and skills, improve their viability in the employment market, and it’s fun too!

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Top 5 GxP Controls

The quality and safety of a product have always been one of the biggest concerns in the pharmaceutical industry. To address this,  GxP was established and its compliance is mandatory in the healthcare environment. The GxP is a generic term, where ‘G’ stands...

So long Jasmine, wishing you all the best!

So long Jasmine, we wish you all the very best! Jasmine Lee recently graduated with her PhD in Medical Biochemistry. She has been a great asset to our clients and our team, and we will surely miss her! Jasmine's positive can-do attitude and her intelligence made a...

Meet Estanislao de Ferrater Pagani

Meet our colleague Estanislao de Ferrater Pagani, a Senior Consultant in KVALITO's Life Sciences team. We asked him about his move to Switzerland, his expertise, and the impact of his...

Failed MRA Agreement leaves Swiss and EU MedTech Manufacturers in Disarray

Trade barriers ruffle feathers of Swiss and EU MedTech Manufacturers with potentially dire consequences for Patients  Until May 25, 2021, any MedTech goods approved for sale in Switzerland and the EU could be marketed...

Can the Use of Unlicensed Font on your Website, Marketing Materials, or Packaging amount to a Copyright Breach?

"Type designers are, at their best, the Stradivari of literature: not merely makers of saleable products, but artists who design and make the instruments that other artists use." ― Robert Bringhurst  A good webpage and marketing...

KVALITO ist ein Lehrbetrieb, anerkannt durch das Erziehungsdepartement Basel Stadt

Die Kvalito Consulting Group freut sich riesig, vom Erziehungsdepartement Basel-Stadt als Lehrbetrieb anerkannt zu sein. Unser Engagement in der Berufsbildung fördert junge Talente, ihr Wissen und Kenntnisse zu entwickeln, um ihre Chancen auf dem...

The Art of Science

Life Science Image of the Year Award 2020 The winners of Olympus’ Image of the Year Award 2020, an annual competition that recognizes the finest light microscopy imaging worldwide, announced in April 2021. Olympus, a leading manufacturer of microscopes, initially...

Gender Parity, the Long Road to Gender Equality and KVALITO’s Commitment to Closing the Gap

"Leave No-one Behind" i  Although Gender Parity and Gender Equality are sometimes used interchangeably, there is a notable difference. Gender Parity is purely a statistical measure that describes the proportions of men and women, or boys and girls in a...

Internship Report

Joshua Lemos, KVALITO Consulting Group My internship experience with KVALITO was my first step into the corporate world, and to say the least, it went way better than I could have ever expected.  I went into my internship excited about what I would be doing and,...

Sixty Trees for Earth Day

KVALITO teams up with Catch my Carbon to plant a tree for each employee in the native woodlands of Western Ireland.  “Sometimes, it's One Gorgeous Universe Working in Sync”. — Richard Martinez Today...

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