Meet Dimitrij Gvozdev


Meet Dimitrij Gvozdev

We would like you to meet Dimitrij Gvozdev, who is passionate about working with KVALITO and the impact he makes in his role as Operations Manager, responsible for talent acquisition and management as well as key account management.

What’s your professional background, and how did you become an Operations Manager?

I completed my degree in Fitness economics (BA) in a dual study program before I started my journey with KVALITO. Fitness economics is a combination of medicine, fitness and business management. My study program combined academic studies with practical experience, which I liked a lot. After successfully finishing my studies, I was ready for a new challenge where I could increase my knowledge and have daily interaction with people, which I really enjoy.

What is the goal of an Operations Manager at KVALITO?

My personal goal is to coach and support as well as engage life-science specialists with a purposeful project. I’m thrilled about matching the right consultant from our talent pool with the right life science project.

Every day I aim to create a win-win situation and bring my talents to the right projects where they can grow, regardless of whether they are starting a project as a junior or as a senior consultant. I like to work with people who have a life-long learning attitude and embrace change.

I enjoy receiving feedback from my clients and the regular interaction I have with my clients. This is a great motivation.

What do you enjoy most about your day to day responsibilities?

I love what I do because of the enormous accountability and impact I have. I’m highly motivated and enjoy being engaged at work, as much as I like to own my activities and deliver value to the industry.

What criteria do you use to evaluate new candidates?

This is a good question. I evaluate candidates based on their experience, skills, know-how and personal characters. I support my candidates during the whole process; they are never on their own.

What are the vital skills you need in this line of work? Any advice for someone who wants to become an Operations Manager at KVALITO?

The most important is to be able to work independently and to be able to navigate a rapidly evolving market.

My daily routine matches a German phrase very well: “You are the maker of your own happiness.” This is not a position where you sit in your chair and wait to receive your daily tasks. You must acquire talents on a continuing basis and remain on top of client demands and market trends. You have to be resilient, dynamic and proactive.

What is a perfect day on the job for you?

A perfect day is when I can match the right consultant to the right project. For example, when I see that our consultants have the opportunity to join exciting new projects or have received an extension of their current project.


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