WEConnect Regional Event: Europe Conference, London 2023

Senior Business Manager & Client Partner


Congratulations to the WEConnect Team on another successful event! The WEConnect Regional event in London this July was an absolute triumph.

The remarkable assembly of women present was a true testament to the power and diversity of women-led businesses today. Hearing about their unique journeys, their courage to turn their visions into realities, their resilience in the face of failures, and, most all, their trust in their own intuition was beyond inspiring. These stories of ambition and determination are what drive innovation and progress in our world, and it was an honour to witness it firsthand.

It was also a significant occasion for niche consultancies, like KVALITO Consulting, to engage directly with leading buyers. Having a platform where women-owned businesses can showcase their expertise and services in a 1:1 setting is absolutely invaluable.

The panel discussions on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Sustainability were illuminating. They offered us a window into how multinational corporations are integrating diverse vendors into their supply chains, fostering inclusive partnerships, and reaping the benefits of such collaborations. The level of enthusiasm and eagerness to connect and engage was truly refreshing. I am excited to continue the conversations that began during this event and explore new opportunities for cooperation.

I would like to extend my thanks to the sponsors – NatWest, Exxon, ABInBev, Intel, Goldman Sachs, Organon, CBRE & Bayer – for their support, as well as the panellists who contributed to such insightful discussions.

I am eagerly anticipating the next WEConnect events and the future networking opportunities they will provide.

…..and, of course, I’m hoping for the return of the much-appreciated Magnums! 


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