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Nixon So Internship Report

I have always aspired to become a well-rounded consultant, skilled in problem-solving across the healthcare industry. Through diverse experiences at KVALITO, I expanded my capabilities in analytics, process excellence, technology, communication, and leadership....

Ivanna Rusinque Internship Report

Life's journey often unfolds as an unpredictable story, with each chapter introducing unexpected twists and turns. My internship at KVALITO has been no exception – a narrative I could not have foreseen, yet one that has profoundly impacted my professional and personal...

Antonina Kurowska Internship Report

There are times in life when you are given a chance so amazing that you wouldn't even dream about it. That's how I felt when a representative of KVALITO approached me and inquired about my interest in taking part in their internship program. After a short chat, I knew...

HST SWISS MANAGEMENT FORUM 2023: Innovations and Sustainability in the Pharmaceutical Industry Prague

Innovations and Sustainability in the Pharmaceutical Industry -Conference Highlights October 24, 2023 - Nestlé Building, Prague Step into the future of healthcare with us as we reflect on the latest HST ( Chamber of Commerce Switzerland - Czech Republic) event....