After the Darkness Comes the Light. Mayo Ireland, Basel, Rheinfelden, Unterägeri, Neuchatel Switzerland

THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE throughout Ireland and around the world rose early last Saturday morning on May 7th 2022, to participate in Pieta’s annual Darkness into Light fundraiser. Sports clubs, schools, friends and families showed their support on their local streets, forests, mountains, parks and beaches.

At Christmas in 2021, KVALITO donated to PIETA House, and so the idea was born to ask some of our team members if they wanted to join or organise a Darkness into Light event. Several events were organised in Switzerland to help raise the visibility of the life-saving work of charities such as PIETA House and Trauernetz. A few of our colleagues also took part in the Mayo Ireland walk, which turned out to be an incredibly moving and successful event. The funds raised by group walks, runs, and even swims are released to Pieta and their partner charities overseas to support their suicide intervention and counselling services.

It’s the first time Darkness into Light has been held in person in two years, with the previous two taking place virtually owing to the Covid-19 pandemic. It remains to be seen if last year’s total funds raised of €6.5 million will be beaten. “It was wonderful to go on a contemplative walk with my family, friend and our dog at the crack of dawn, supporting all individuals impacted by suicide,” mentions Elaine Smith. She enjoyed a walk in the forest close to Lake Neuchatel, Switzerland. “There was a feeling that we were all connected even if we were in different parts of the world.”


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