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Eice(BYOD). There are advantage and disadvantages for provisioned and BYOD mobility.

What is the future?

Its predicted that technology will exist within the next 5 years that projects the full vital signs of patients. From a regulatory point of view the safety of the patient is priority. The concern would be that if we can measure this confidential data, then how long will it be till it becomes mandatory to collect such data? This will allow a real time record of data which was unavailable previously in the past. Medical motors may make final decisions for the patient based on this data. Data monitoring is also in reference to frequency of collection, for example, more sensors which capture data then frequency increases daily. Hence, big data is involved. Big data will also allow us to see things differently.


De-centralization of healthcare and empowerment of patients/providers is occuring through the use of wireless mobile devices and the internet. This is achived in various ways such as personal monitoring devices, remote diagnostic tools as well as health and wellness apps. The progress of m-Health is greater in the EU and it may also be regulated under the umbrella of medical device or medicinal product regulations.

If the wellness app has a medical purpose were it processes data for medical benefit, were it also generate alerts based on monitored patient vital signs, and utilises algorithms to facilitate medical decisions by HCP (hospital clinical physician), this will automatically make the app a medical device. 

Author: Abdul Ghazi


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