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“Quality is everyone’s responsibility” – W. Edwards Deming

Batch: Material or Product Quantity with similar characteristics

Global Batch Traceability (GBT) is a SAP application, which operates across various systems and products. It provides end-to-end batch path, its history, transaction data, purchase orders etc. It builds visible net and links final products with their raw ingredients, services, and resources needed for manufacturing or distribution. It shows batch’s movements from purchase through production and delivery. GBT includes information about all batch changes, leverages, production orders, its dividing processes, direct deliveries and so on. It builds a clear outlook of how batches of goods have been unified into a final product track.

It lets perform top-down and bottom-up analysis on consignments and briefly define the source and causes of quality issues. Furthermore, it delivers critical information regarding parent-child relationship and gives the possibility to search data in multiple batches. It gives a chance to track all repacking, reworking, recall and stock withdrawals activities. It is very cost and time efficient.

Why do you need it?

The main reason, is simply because it manages quality investigations, product withdrawals and recalls. It builds batch traceability scenarios to ensure that your needs are covered in pedigree process analysis. In many cases, due to compliance regulation requirements, GBT can be used as a map of vibrant genealogy for your goods and pre-products. Precise pedigree can be achieved by tracing batches and connecting them together with business actions along the supply chain.

In fact, GBT offers a range of diverse, beneficial utilities. It presents a controlling and interactive network in a graphic way with functions enabling: aggregation, categorizing, dragging and so on. It gives a detailed graphical view of the single article allocated to the batch and gives an opportunity to top-down and bottom-up exploration.

Additionally, it is an integrated application, which supports other procedures e.g. SAP ERP, MES, and third-party systems.

Real value hidden in application

Possibility to trace any goods is not only important for finished products. It is essential at any production or distribution stage. Being able to identify issues, which have occurred in the batch and minimize their impact as soon as possible is crucial for any company’s firmness. GBT gives better and faster product insight providing a corporate-level view of goods’ descent.

Its transparency advances control activities, decreases productivity decline and gives an opportunity to plan marketing and sales strategies more easily. It also helps to allocate illegal manufacturers and to remove product counterfeits. Furthermore it aims to verify missing links in data and to maintain an effective problem resolving strategy. It streamlines product recalls with pointed batch examinations and appropriate reporting. Furthermore it mitigates corporate risk through proactive compliance and quicker reaction to product distresses. GBT makes it possible to identify, at any point of a product’s life cycle: information about manufacture, place and time of production, shipment details, data about certain involved parties, expiration date of goods, their ID, time spent in supply chain before reaching customer and many other distribution related materials. Having such a rich database makes it easier for all elaborated parties (producers, consumers, authorities) to distinguish fabricated products from genuine ones, ensure safety, identify grey-market trade and optimize logistics and supply-chain procedures. Furthermore it gives incomparable opportunity to gain valuable information about customer and their expectations.

Ask yourself…?

* Do you want a quick and efficient execution of “on hold” products, withdrawals and recalls preventing?

* Do you want to minimalize any negative impact your product might have on consumer health and ensure the diminishing of corporate legal liabilities?

* Do you want to limit financial risk exposure associated with product issues?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then it means you found the best partner, which will help you in achieving those goals. KVALITO Group will help you to possess complete product genealogy tracing system, which will enable you to analyze multiple tracking objects in a single run, define broken links across systems, and define missing data between pursuing articles. Our group will ensure your data consistency, security and best cross-system tracking option. As KVALITO Group has the most specialized and experienced experts, we can guarantee that your supply chain network will be secured and integrated!

Remember that leakage or de-amalgamation of data along your supply chain impact your brand! Proactive monitoring of your global batch pedigree and its distribution protect your company and people. Therefore, we are here to help you. With us you will become fully complaint, cohesive and secured.

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