Internship Report


Krittika Nunkoo

Skills improved + gained

When I first joined KVALITO in October 2021, I was quite timid, and my communication skills were moderate. Being an introvert by nature, it was hard to communicate with people, but during my internship at KVALITO, I have enhanced my communication skills and I feel that I can easily deliver a message now. I find it effortless to communicate with my colleagues and the people around me. Furthermore, I have also improved my skills when it comes to using new applications such as Teams, Outlook, and LinkedIn. As an intern, I had to use these platforms every day for my tasks and now I can proudly say that I am quite a professional at it. Being at KVALITO helped me to gain several skills such as multitasking, proper documentation, and computer proficiency. With the experience gained at KVALITO, I feel more confident and comfortable using online applications now, and I believe that it will definitely help me in my academic, personal, and professional life.

Activities and responsibilities you took on

As an intern, I was working in the middle office where my tasks included scheduling meetings, creating and publishing job descriptions on career portals, parsing and understanding client requests, creating KVALITO candidate profiles, and finding potential clients (leads) on LinkedIn. Additionally, I was given the chance to attend some HBA (Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association) networking events.

The company culture

Turning now to the company culture, I was really impressed that I was assigned a company buddy on my first day. And to be honest, my company buddy helped me immensely whenever I had doubts or questions while doing my internship. I find the company buddy concept interesting since as a young adult who just joined the professional environment, I felt psychologically safe because I knew I had someone of my same age group to turn to without having the fear of being judged. I would also like to add that my team was really accommodating and welcoming which made me feel comfortable.

Moreover, KVALITO focuses more on the quality of work delivered rather than on the number of hours worked. My working hours were really flexible, allowing me to engage in my hobbies such as playing badminton and writing poems. This enabled me to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Additionally, KVALITO conducts monthly internship meetings which help interns with their objectives and goals planned for the internship. It is a structured meeting where interns present their progress or even their challenges. It is a very strategic way to help and encourage young adults who just joined the working environment.

Furthermore, I noticed that KVALITO does not engage in micromanagement which shows that the team trusted me with the responsibilities and tasks I was assigned. I overcame many challenges with the help of my team and especially Mrs. Magdalena Kurpierz, the CEO and Mrs. Selvi Nadarajan, the Director of KVALITO APAC. It was empowering to be mentored by these two amazing and inspiring women and I shall use all the lessons learnt throughout my career. I was also moved by KVALITO’s values regarding sustainability. For example, a new tree is planted for each new intern or employee.

Complementary skills

Being a psychology major, I was able to use my theoretical knowledge during my internship. Since KVALITO consists of different employees from diverse cultures, I was able to communicate with my team by considering their values, beliefs, and culture. I also managed to resolve a conflict at work which in turn ameliorated the team dynamics and effective collaboration.

Internship Experience

After completing my 6-month internship, I can definitely say that I now understand how a consulting firm works. It was enriching as a young adult to understand that every day I had a crucial role in KVALITO’s mission to support our clients in the pharmaceutical industry by creating safer and more effective products for patients. My internship at KVALITO showed me a side of myself that I was unaware of. I feel grateful to be a part of KVALITO and this experience will help me in my future endeavours.

Author: Krittika Nunkoo, Intern, KVALITO Consulting Group

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