Internship Report


Jocelin Chee

I was super excited when I found out that I would be doing my internship at KVALITO. I looked forward to the new learnings I would be exposed to, through the opportunity to work with prominent clients in the pharmaceutical and Life-Science sector. The duration of my training was 18 weeks. On my first day, I received a warm welcome from all my colleagues, and I loved the working environment.    

I entered this consulting firm with the bare minimum knowledge of data science and regulations. Training was given during my internship period, which covered the topic of Computer System Validation (CSV), data privacy, data integrity and quality. I was able to build my understanding of CSV while helping write articles for Siemens regarding CSV compliance in an Agile Project, which is a testament to applying knowledge skills in a practical environment.

My work scope also required me to undertake internal and external pieces of training to educate myself better and fill my knowledge gap on an ongoing basis during the internship period. A considerable part is dedicated to Kvalito for providing me with a great learning platform. I got to join many conferences, internal training workshops, external networking sessions and a Johnson & Johnson training. One of the events I attended was a networking event, “Fixing the sustainability and innovation puzzle.” From this session, I understand that sustainability needs to be incorporated into social, ecological, and economic aspects. Companies need to keep customers in mind and help them understand their business model and impact on sustainability so that customers can better resonate with the company. I gained a lot of exposure to foreign life science companies and corporates while widening my network.

Apart from that, I joined Healthcare Businesswomen Association Asia-Pacific (HBA APAC), and we launched our first-ever event in line with International Women’s Day. Through this event, we highlighted the importance of challenging biases and misconceptions to create a more inclusive and gender-equal world. We were honoured to invite panellists from Merck and Labcorp to discuss how they had leveraged mentoring and reverse mentoring to break the bias. The team were a bit anxious as this was our first event, and we wanted to make it a success. Although a minor connection issue happened with one of the panellists, the other panellists managed to pick up the question and overall, it went smoothly. We had 156 participants signed up, and 129 of them turned up; this high turnup rate really excites me the most! Those late nights planning and early morning dry runs are totally worth it!

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