Giulia Caseri Internship Report


Giulia Caseri


As a Life Science Consultant intern, I want to thank KVALITO and forgive myself.

I want to thank KVALITO for trusting me. Someone said interns are like non-cut diamonds:

They might look not-so-good on the outside, but once you cut them well, they can become something great one day  – Barney Baszuro.

As an intern, I felt trusted and welcomed by the company and my client, AAA (Advanced Accelerator Application) – a Novartis Company.

I was walking blind in this environment, which was totally new to me, but I had guidance and was given the most important thing: instruments.

Instruments – pieces of training to start grasping the knowledge that I needed to move my first steps in my first tasks. And when tasks came, even if feeling lost was easy, I had my instruments, my background, and a team to which I could refer.

I want to forgive myself for not knowing what I was doing before I learned it (Maya Angelou). That’s what an internship is supposed to be; that’s the internship’s milestone.

During my first month, I was drowning in pieces of training, trying to absorb as much as I could, puzzling up the various ongoing projects that my team was discussing in daily meetings, and delivering my first dashboards.

I found my place in the Supply Chain and Data Analytics team, and I’ve moved from being a shy PowerBi user to asking questions about “how can this be coded?”.

Every new given task required a bit more effort, and the new stakeholders involved helped me create a solid network. I was thrilled when I was asked to participate in the UAT – User Acceptance Testing for a Rollout Project in Japan related to an end to end order processing, supporting steps ranging from order creation to inbound delivery and to the final sales order release.

An interesting aspect I appreciated from my client side was the opportunity to participate in team training sessions aimed at strengthening soft skills and communication skills, which can be easily undervalued. This has taught me something important: besides the new skills, I’ve learned that my client deeply values the team because, as it’s well known, the best assets of a company are its employees.

I feel like I have the possibility to make an impact in the organization, that my work is valued, that what I’ve learned will never be taken away from me – and that I’m learning day by day, task by task. I felt like I had possibilities. One of the possibilities that made me smile was to see my article – Cloud Based Integration – Perspectives For Life Science Businesses, published. It’s a small, unusual thing that made a big impact.

To conclude, I want to share what my client once told me; it’s something that will always remain indelible in my mind, printed in my brain: to keep being thirsty for improvement.

And I want to make this my guiding mantra.


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