Swastika Maity Internship Report

Life Science Consultant


Swastika Maity


As a Life Science Consultant intern, I started my journey with KVALITO Consulting group and my corporate journey in September 2022. Within a blink of an eye, I had completed six months of my learning and growing journey at KVALITO.

From the very 1st day, things were clear and distinct in front of me. Things ranged from pieces of training to the task which I would be supporting. Various factors made this easier, namely the colleagues who were so welcoming and good to me. To date, I am incredibly grateful to all of them for supporting me and guiding me continuously at every step wherever I found myself stuck. Being fresh out of university, without any former experience, I was anxious about how this corporate world will treat me and whether I would be able to adjust to the culture. Still, the smoothness of onboarding erased my anxiety.

Initial training sessions were very effective for me to understand Life Science and Health Care industries better, and I got to know many terminologies and obtained hand on experience with different software used in these fields. I attended project meetings which helped me clarify my role and responsibilities.

I started supporting one of our clients, Novartis AAA (Advanced Accelerator Applications), and our senior consultants on their various projects. The project I started supporting was Excel Sheet Validation, working steadily towards Computerized System Validation.

I learned many things in that project, from creation to testing, from validations to documenting those validations.

I have been involved in creating Traceability Matrices, ODC plans and writing specific test cases and migration protocols. To date, I have performed many validations as a primary tester and enjoy being involved in many others as a reviewer, which has helped me learn new techniques and polish my overall skills.

Another project I catered to was TDG testing, which was different from ESV for me and helped me get a broader vision of the ongoing projects. Recently I have been taking new steps towards system validation under the supervision of our senior consultants, which will be highly impactful for my future. I also have some great training sessions from the client site, which are very insightful and helpful for our dedicated team’s work life. It is a great experience working with AAA. I will always be grateful to KVALITO for giving me such a beautiful opportunity.

Weekly and monthly internal calls with other employees of KVALITO have presented as a good networking source. I connected with people sitting on the other end of the planet, which was very exciting for me. KVALITO also helps me to improve my writing skills, and soon as I am going to finish my very first article. The opportunity to connect with different SIGs (Special Interest Groups), where I could connect with many leaders, helps me broaden my knowledge boundaries in many areas.

Some key things I have learnt from my internship are:

  • Hard work is essential; even if your task is small and seems unimportant, it will help you to create a good work ethic, and your efforts will be noticed.
  • Being empowered to make one’s own decisions and to be able to work independently with little guidance is very important in the working world.
  • The ability to speak in a professional setting.
  • Networking

I had read somewhere that ‘an internship is an opportunity to test drive a career without making any serious commitments.’ I am very thankful to KVALITO and the team for making my test drive this wonderful and exciting. THANK YOU!

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