Teo Yuan Hui (Sophie) Internship Report

Life Science Consultant


Embarking on my 6-month journey as a life science consultant intern at KVALITO Consulting Group, I was reminded of the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Life is a journey, not a destination.” As a Medical Biotechnology student, I had a keen desire to understand more about the consulting sector. It was KVALITO, with its potent mix of bioscience and consulting, that provided the perfect platform for this exploration. The firm’s ground-breaking work in Applied Technology Innovation, from Machine Learning to Artificial Intelligence, affirmed the dynamic and transformative nature of the life sciences industry.

Guided by the company’s seasoned leaders, my journey unfolded with comprehensive training sessions covering diverse topics such as GxP, Data Integrity, and Computer System Validation (CSV). These initial steps into the world of life science consulting were pivotal. As Albert Einstein once said, “The only source of knowledge is experience,” and it was the opportunity to participate in a client project as a learning consultant that provided this invaluable experience. Here, I could witness first-hand the intricacies of validation and learn from experienced consultants at work.

My journey was not confined to technical experiences alone. I was also given the privilege to attend several business events focused on women in healthcare. Witnessing the impressive achievements of women in the sector served as a powerful testament to their capability and resilience, echoing the words of Michelle Obama: “There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.”

Throughout my tenure at KVALITO, I uncovered the essence of teamwork and the significance of effective communication in a professional context. Engaging with colleagues from different departments, I realized that diverse perspectives, when combined with efficient communication, lead to superior outcomes for both clients and the organization. This experience also instilled in me a deeper appreciation for proactivity and initiative, which in turn bolstered my problem-solving skills and professional self-confidence.

In reflection, my internship at KVALITO has been a deep well of knowledge, skills, and connections, which I am confident will shape my future in the Life Sciences and Healthcare industry. The opportunity to learn from my colleagues, contribute to diverse projects, and understand the industry’s inner workings has been truly enriching. As I navigated through various projects, I grew both professionally and personally. My project management and communication abilities were honed, industry best practices became familiar, and my problem-solving skills were sharpened. These new competencies, together with the connections made with inspiring professionals, create a solid foundation for my future career.

In conclusion, my internship at KVALITO was more than just an exercise in skill development; it was a transformative journey. As Mark Twain wisely noted, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Having gotten off to a strong start at KVALITO, I am excited to continue my professional journey in the Life Sciences and Healthcare industry, applying the learnings from my internship in my future endeavours.


Teo Yuan Hui (Sophie), Life Science Consultant, KVALITO


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