Chandni Sampara Internship Report

Life Science Consultant


“You’ll never know until you try.”

― Davee Jones

After I completed my Master’s in Biotechnology, I did not have a concrete plan as to what I would do next. I wanted to try different roles by doing short internships so that I could discover my interests. That was how I came across KVALITO’s internship position and applied to it. Little did I know that the next six months would unfold into an amazing transformative experience!

As a trainee consultant at KVALITO, I underwent training on GxP, CSV, data integrity and quality assurance before my onboarding with the client, Advanced Accelerator Applications, a Novartis company. From the next day of my onboarding, I was immediately immersed in a world of new processes and expectations. The initial days were difficult as I struggled to understand the project and my role in it. Although I completed the trainings, I felt there was still something I was missing. I felt lost in the maze of tasks.

As the days passed and I got my accesses, I began to understand the project better and regained confidence in myself. With the guidance and support of my colleagues and mentors, I quickly found my footing. As part of the TechOps team, I was responsible for supporting Excel sheet validations and validating AAA’s production management tool. The ease with which I could use AAA’s tools and software after a few weeks surprised me. I could draft supporting documentation and create validation plans without asking my colleagues for help. I gradually started loving my job.

Eventually, I was entrusted with performing OQ (operational qualification) and UAT (user acceptance testing). I learned to adapt to dynamic environments and prioritize my time effectively. Each task allowed me to hone my existing skills, acquire new ones, and develop a keen eye for detail. Next, I was assigned to develop a validation plan and test the interface for order flow between three of AAA’s tools. Although it was more complex than validating a single tool, I am happy to have completed it without any issues.

 Working within the TechOps team exposed me to the significance of collaboration and effective communication. I had the privilege of working alongside professionals from diverse backgrounds, each bringing their unique perspectives and expertise to the table. Engaging in brainstorming sessions, attending team meetings, and participating in cross-functional projects fostered an environment of creativity and innovation. The constructive feedback and encouragement I received helped me push beyond my comfort zone.

 Beyond the professional skills I acquired, my internship experience also propelled my personal growth. The challenges I encountered forced me to confront my limitations and gain resilience. Now, I am a Junior Consultant, working with the same client on a different project that is building my problem-solving skills.

 I always thought research would be my end-game and I never saw myself in a technical role. This internship has undoubtedly shaped my aspirations and changed my career perspective. And for this, I am forever grateful to KVALITO for the opportunity it provided.

Chandni Sampara, Life Science Consultant KVALITO


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