2013 – KVALITO Consulting Group is Founded

June 11, 2013

My name is Magdalena Kurpierz – founder KVALITO Consulting Group. I am an economist and quality and compliance professional. My clients hire me for my extensive skills and expertise in IT and business quality and compliance consultancy, to deliver and support strategic multi-national projects spanning more than 100 countries with an investment in excess of $millions of dollars.

Quality and compliance is highly complex and challenging for regulated companies. Based on my experience over the past years and with my ability to focus on outcomes that matter, I can help to assure quality and compliance within time and budget constraints.

I have founded KVALITO to build up a keen relationship between new technologies and business and create value to clients in the regulated industry, operating in excessive and multiple jurisdictions with a high demand of IT and business quality and compliance.

I am looking forward to working with further companies to bring more quality and compliance value into their business and IT!


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