KVALITO Reaffirms its Commitment to Quality and Distinction in Life Sciences with New Leadership Appointments


Basel, Switzerland—June 4, 2024—KVALITO Consulting Group, a trusted partner in the life sciences and healthcare sector since 2013, proudly announces key leadership appointments. These changes underscore our dedication to providing top-tier services to our clients and partners by building a versatile, adaptable, and ever-evolving organization.

“Our new leadership team will reinforce KVALITO’s mission to deliver groundbreaking solutions in life sciences,” says Magdalena Kurpierz, CEO and founder of KVALITO. “By continuously integrating cutting-edge technology and innovative practices, we maintain our commitment to people and quality processes, staying ahead of our clients’ evolving needs.”

Kai Amrhein is KVALITO’s Chief Operating Officer (COO). His leadership will elevate our operational strategies and enhance service delivery.

Myung Ho Gim takes on the role of Head of Talent Acquisition Management (TAM). His proficiency will help us attract and retain top talent, essential for our sustained growth and innovation.

Elizabeth Brown assumes the position of Head of Business Development. Her strategic insight will drive our business expansion and deepen client relationships, ensuring we consistently meet and exceed market expectations.

We are excited and proud to introduce Kai, Myung, and Elizabeth in their new leadership roles at KVALITO. Their wealth of experience and unswerving commitment to our core values—people-centricity, quality excellence, diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), and integrity—will enhance our operational excellence and our relationships with clients and partners. They embody our dedication to delivering exceptional results and pushing the boundaries in the Life Sciences sector.

We welcome our esteemed clients, partners, and the broader community to celebrate this significant milestone with us.


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