Luis Quinchia Internship Report

Life Science Consultant


Have you ever heard that the best things in life happen when you least expect them? Looking back on my time at KVALITO, I can’t help but draw that conclusion. I vividly recall sitting in front of my laptop just five minutes before my first interview with KVALITO’s recruiter, thinking that mentioning my pursuit of an internship would lead to the meeting’s swift conclusion. Little did I know that within KVALITO, there was room for a wide range of backgrounds and stages in life. Needless to say, my assumptions were quickly dispelled during the meeting. But let’s come back to that point a little later.

To provide some context, I am a Pharmaceutical Chemist located nine thousand kilometers away from my home country. Over the years, I have had the privilege of working in various national and international pharmaceutical companies, holding different positions in QA and Manufacturing. However, after four years of professional experience, I felt it was time for a “soft reset” in my life. That’s when I decided to pursue a Master’s in Translational Cosmetic and Dermatological Sciences through the Erasmus Mundus program. The master’s program not only allowed me to complement my knowledge of the Drugs and Cosmetics Life cycle but also provided a unique opportunity to interact with colleagues from over 15 nationalities, enriching my experience in an international environment.

It was during this time that my path crossed with KVALITO. Although I had been offered a position as a research student at a university to work on my internship and thesis project, the prospect of joining KVALITO seemed more challenging, promising, and intriguing. The opportunity to work remotely in a field closely related to my previous experience while delving into cutting-edge technological topics was precisely what I needed to hear to get fully engaged with the opportunity.

Officially starting as a Life Science Consultant intern on the 1st of February, I quickly realized that I had made the right decision. The onboarding process was smooth, and the people at KVALITO welcomed me warmly. I was introduced to the company’s internal rules and culture, had a kick-off meeting with the client, and connected with the Senior consultant with whom I would be working closely. I distinctly remember his words: “Look, for me, you are not just an intern, and I am not your boss. We will work shoulder to shoulder, and I am here to support you and share my experience. Let me know if you need anything.” This mentorship approach was invaluable during the first month as I gradually settled into the team, familiarizing myself with procedures guidelines and getting to know my colleagues.

While I was already well-versed in pharmaceutical procedures, GxP guidelines, QMS requirements, validation principles, and ERP, I encountered new technical aspects related to computer system validation. Concepts like environments, test scripts, and data migration became part of my learning journey. Embracing this learning process was made easier by the fact that I could leverage my strengths as a consultant while also benefiting from guidance in areas where I had some knowledge gaps. I can’t stress enough how crucial this balance was, and I owe a great deal of gratitude to KVALITO and my first Senior consultant for enabling it.

As my internship progressed, I was presented with an opportunity that not many other Consultant interns get—a chance to work on two different projects for two companies with new teams. I challenged myself to improve and perform at my best every day continuously. This new project involved a larger team, half new to the project and the other half seasoned experts. I embraced this fresh challenge and found myself contributing more effectively to the project while also learning valuable insights from my experienced teammates. Working on a global project with sites in different locations and time zones brought its share of challenges, but as KVALITO consultants, we always found a way to overcome them.

Throughout my internship, I had the privilege of witnessing and being a part of KVALITO’s milestones, including its expansion to Italy and, more recently, to Spain. The 10th-anniversary celebration was a particularly enlightening moment for me, as I saw just how much the company had grown while maintaining a sense of control and guidance. Reflecting on my journey with KVALITO, I can undoubtedly say that I have experienced remarkable personal and professional growth. My technical and interpersonal skills have flourished, and I find immense satisfaction in knowing that my daily work improves people’s health within the life science industry. For all these experiences, I am deeply grateful to KVALITO and all the incredible individuals I have had the pleasure of knowing during this period.

In conclusion, my journey at KVALITO has been nothing short of extraordinary. What began as an unexpected opportunity turned into a transformative experience that has left an indelible mark on both my personal and professional life.

Luis Quinchia, Life Science Consultant Trainee, KVALITO


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