Antonina Kurowska Internship Report

Life Science Consultant Trainee


There are times in life when you are given a chance so amazing that you wouldn’t even dream about it. That’s how I felt when a representative of KVALITO approached me and inquired about my interest in taking part in their internship program. After a short chat, I knew that I just couldn’t pass such an opportunity- and decided to jump right in. KVALITO was a welcoming space for individuals with diverse backgrounds and at various career stages—a very diverse recipe for success.

To provide some background, I hold a Master’s in Pharmaceutical Sciences and am based in Lublin, Poland. My academic journey involved working on diverse pharmaceutical projects within academia. Post-graduation, I sensed the need for new challenges in my life, and it was during this period that fate led me to KVALITO. The prospect of remote work in a field aligned with my prior experiences, coupled with an exploration into cutting-edge technological domains, was the perfect catalyst for my engagement.

My journey as a Life Science Consultant intern commenced on the fortuitous date of June 13. The onboarding process was seamless, with the KVALITO team extending a warm welcome. I familiarized myself with the company’s internal protocols culture, participated in a kick-off meeting with the client, and connected with a Senior Consultant who became my collaborative partner. His mentorship approach, emphasizing teamwork and support, proved invaluable during my initial month as I acclimated to the team dynamics, acquainted myself with procedural guidelines, and forged connections with colleagues.

Despite my familiarity with pharmaceutical procedures, GxP guidelines, QMS requirements, and validation principles, the internship introduced me to novel technical dimensions, particularly in computer system validation. Concepts like environments, test scripts, and data migration became integral to my learning journey. Striking a balance between leveraging my consulting strengths and seeking guidance in knowledge gaps was pivotal. I am grateful to KVALITO and my first Senior Consultant for fostering this equilibrium.

Throughout my internship, I witnessed KVALITO’s milestones, including its expansion to Spain, and found significance in the 10th-anniversary celebration—a testament to the company’s growth while maintaining a sense of direction. Reflecting on this period, I can attest to significant personal and professional growth. My technical and interpersonal skills have flourished, and the realization that my daily work improves people’s health in the life science industry brings immense satisfaction. I express deep gratitude to KVALITO and the remarkable individuals I’ve had the privilege of working with during this transformative period.

In conclusion, my journey at KVALITO has been nothing short of extraordinary. What began as an unforeseen opportunity evolved into a transformative experience, leaving an indelible mark on both my personal and professional life.


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