Megan Hoo Internship Report


Three years ago, I made a deliberate choice to pursue science, with a future I’d envisioned myself entrenched in laboratory work post-degree. I have always had high aspirations for my career path, with a particular interest in the analysis of data and research. Academia provided the perfect environment to refine my analytical skills. While I enjoyed delving into research and uncovering the unknown, my extracurricular activities revealed a deeper passion for interpersonal interactions and connecting with individuals from diverse backgrounds. As I approached the end of my degree, I was offered this internship as a trainee consultant at KVALITO. Initially, I hesitated, but I soon realized that consultancy aligned perfectly with my career aspirations and served as a crucial stepping stone for my professional development. Over the following months, I underwent a transformative journey as I navigated through this unfamiliar landscape.

During the initial two months, I engaged in various training sessions on topics to build a strong foundation for my entry into consultancy, including GxP, data integrity, ITIL, risk-based validation, and computer system validation (CSV). I also attended webinars to broaden my knowledge and solidify my understanding of the basics.

I vividly remember joining my first project. It was an incredible opportunity to liaise, interact, and facilitate meetings with key stakeholders and prominent players from the pharmaceutical industry. The project, centered on using blockchain to trace inventory in the pharmaceutical supply chain, introduced me to multiple new concepts and terminologies, a completely uncharted territory for me. Despite this, I received abundant resources and support from my colleagues, enabling me to provide the necessary assistance quickly.

Of course, the journey wasn’t without its challenges. There was a time when I struggled to grasp certain concepts and initially lacked the confidence to speak up during the meetings. Yet, I persevered. I was given the chance to present for the first time, then the second, and by the third time, all the nervousness dissipated. This experience taught me that stepping out of my comfort zone and embracing new challenges leads to growth and newfound confidence.

I came to the realization that stepping beyond my comfort zone had taught me so much just by persevering. This insight has inspired me to keep learning continuously. There’s an Italian phrase, “Ancora imparo,” which means “yet, I am learning.” It serves as a reminder that the pursuit of knowledge is endless, and it’s a motto I live by.


Author: Megan Hoo Trainee Life Science Consultant



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