Sponsored by KVALITO Scenario Planning – How to Think Differently About the Future


Event description
As leaders and managers, you are feeling the constant pressure of global competition and unrelenting changes
that are taking place in your business landscape. Your challenge is a difficult one: to formulate strategies not
just for the market environment you are operating in now, but for the environment you’ll be facing five, or even
ten, years from now – which will surely be different than today’s.
Different, yes. That much is certain. But how will it be different? That’s the key question. Unfortunately, you
have no crystal ball to guide you – nobody does. So how can you plan for future changes – changes that may
significantly alter the landscape in which you will have to compete and succeed? This challenge is even
trickier in an industry as dynamic as healthcare, which has to deal with high-impact changes coming from
every direction at once.
In order to plan with a degree of confidence, you need to be able to visualize the most critical changes that
could occur over the next few years, and understand the impact they could have on your future business
landscape. A powerful technique for doing this is called scenario planning. This structured approach to thinking
creatively about the future maps out not just one future landscape, but several possible future landscapes
that could potentially materialize, depending on how key trends play out.
Swiss-based author and expert in scenario planning, Woody Wade, will explain to us why most strategic plans
get the future wrong; he will open our eyes to a new way of thinking about how the future unfolds; and run us
through a basic “how-to”, so we can generate future scenarios for our companies.

Learning objectives
1. Identify new ways to envisage and map out the possible future for your business
2. Learn how to introduce multiple creative (but plausible) scenarios in your strategic plan
3. Understand the importance of thinking about the future in terms of alternative possibilities

Date and time
Tuesday, 29 September
5:30PM – 8:30PM

TechnologiePark Basel
Basel, Switzerland  Switzerland

10. Facilitates change
12.Continues to learn, grow and transform

5.30 PM – 6.00 PM     Registration
6.00 PM – 6.15 PM     HBA presentation
6.10 PM – 6.20 PM     KVALITO presentation

6.20 PM – 7.20 PM     Scenario planning presentation
7.20 PM – 7.50 PM     Q&A
7.50 PM – 8.30 PM     Networking and apero

Event location
TechnologiePark Basel
Hochbergerstrasse 60C, Auditorium
4057 Basel
+41 61 633 22 00

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