So long Jasmine, wishing you all the best!


So long Jasmine, we wish you all the very best!

Jasmine Lee recently graduated with her PhD in Medical Biochemistry. She has been a great asset to our clients and our team, and we will surely miss her! Jasmine’s positive can-do attitude and her intelligence made a large impact. KVALITO wishes her all the very best as she moves on to new endeavours, resting assured that she will excel. Departure certainly does not mean the end of our relationship. Let’s see what our alumna has to say about her experience with Kvalito.

“It is my honour to have been a part of KVALITO’s team. My departure does not mean the end of our relationship. I will forever be an alumna of the KVALITO network, staying connected and helping each other to succeed. I cannot thank KVALITO enough for giving me the much needed global experience – working on global projects with the top players in the healthcare industry. The direct working experience with world-class leaders has definitely pushed my work quality up by a few notches.”


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