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Life Science Image of the Year Award 2020

The winners of Olympus’ Image of the Year Award 2020, an annual competition that recognizes the finest light microscopy imaging worldwide, announced in April 2021.

Olympus, a leading manufacturer of microscopes, initially launched the competition in 2017 to showcase both the scientific and artistic merit of life science microscopy imaging. Today, this competition inspires people around the world to view scientific images in a new light, celebrate their beauty, and share them with others.

“Not only did we see a record number of submissions, but the quality and creativity of those images were exceptional. It’s amazing to see the unexpected art people capture with a microscope.”

Satoshi Nakamura, Vice President Scientific Solutions Global Marketing, Olympus Corporation

Seven hundred contestants from sixty-one countries submitted their very best life science microscopy images. All entries were evaluated on artistic and visual factors, scientific impact and technical microscope proficiency. Over the next few weeks, we will share a series of breathtaking images with you.

Image credits to the contestants and Olympus.

Author: Lara Bartlett, Digital Content Creator KVALITO Consulting Group 

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