WeConnect India 2024 Summit: Empowering Inclusion – Advancing Sustainable Value Chains

Senior Life Science Consultant


It was an exhilarating experience being part of an event, where I was able to get inspired and energized. The last summit in #Bangalore from the series #IndiaSummit2024 by WEConnect International

I would like to thank Magdalena Kurpierz and Selvi K Nadarajan 💫 for the opportunity to represent my company, Kvalito Consulting Group, at the event.

Elizabeth Vazquez expressed admiration for the remarkable progress and innovation witnessed across industries like semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, and IT in India. She lauded the strides made in AI, efficiency, and digitalization. The discussion then shifted towards the promotion of inclusive trade and the empowerment of women-owned enterprises, underlining the transformative impact achievable through cooperation and the effective utilization of purchasing influence. She also acknowledged the pivotal role played by diverse partners and associations in propelling these initiatives forward.

Christopher Hodge’s speech set the tone for the event, month (March) and the year ahead.

As we approach the beginning of Women’s History Month this Friday (March 01), it’s an opportunity to acknowledge and renew our dedication to providing access and support for women-owned businesses if we aim to achieve our maximum potential. It’s important to emphasize that this commitment should extend beyond March and be promoted consistently throughout the year, as evident to everyone present here.

The panel discussion featuring Baskar Dhandapani, Intel and Chella Pandian Pitchai, Biocon, provided valuable insights.


Baskar Dhandapani drew inspiration from India’s cricket culture and the recent triumph of the men’s cricket team. Rohit, the team’s captain, highlighted the importance of nurturing young talent who have stepped up to fill the shoes of seasoned players, emphasizing the need to provide the right environment for growth and success, which he felt would also be ideal in IT.

Drawing parallels between sports leadership and corporate leadership, Baskar further stressed the significance of creating inclusive environments to foster growth and innovation. Using Intel’s commitment to environmental sustainability and inclusive manufacturing practices as an example, he outlined the importance of setting clear goals, such as Intel’s R-I-S-E goal for 2030, which focuses on responsibility, inclusivity, sustainability and how they ‘enable’ it.

One notable achievement highlighted was Intel’s commitment to setting a target to sourcing from diverse suppliers by 2030, with a specific focus on women-owned businesses outside the US. This commitment not only drives innovation but also promotes diversity and inclusion within the company’s supply chain.

The message conveyed was clear: effective leadership requires creating an environment where everyone can thrive, whether on the cricket field or in the boardroom and embracing diversity and sustainability is key to driving innovation and success.


Chella Pandian Pitchai started with how the importance of fostering diversity and inclusion within organizations was underscored as essential for long-term success. He also emphasized the need for companies to prioritize creating an inclusive culture internally before extending it to partners and suppliers, highlighting the sustainability of such efforts.

The conversation delved into why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives are crucial beyond just meeting peer pressure or ESG goals. It was noted that inclusion is fundamentally a human need, integral to fostering innovation and driving success. Drawing from personal and organizational experiences, he further emphasized how inclusion has been a cornerstone of the company’s success over four decades, attributing innovation directly to the culture of inclusion.

It was stressed that inclusion not only promotes diversity but also fuels innovation.

The discussion highlighted organizations must embed diversity and inclusion into their core values and practices, emphasizing their role in fostering innovation and sustainable growth.


Kudos to Poonam Mehdiratta and Eroshan Alagaretnam for their meticulous planning and execution of the event.

It was a pleasure to meet up with Vinath Kumar Rai M and Veronica Thavonat at the event.


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