Wishing You a Joyous Holiday from KVALITO!


Dear Clients, Partners, Team Members, and Stakeholders,

As the holiday season approaches, we at KVALITO extend our warmest wishes to you and your families. Your trust and collaboration have been the guiding light of our journey throughout this impactful year of advancing healthcare around the world.

In celebrating the season’s spirit, we reflect on the milestones achieved in 2023. From expanding our services across Europe with the foundation of KVALITO Italy and KVALITO Iberia to the promising growth of KVALITO APAC in Kuala Lumpur, your support has been instrumental to our success. This year, KVALITO reached the milestone of a decade in service, marking 10 years of commitment to quality, compliance and innovation and welcoming our 100th employee, a testament to our collective growth and dedication. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Looking ahead to 2024, we’re excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. Your unwavering trust fuels our commitment to serve you better, innovate further, and expand our global reach.

In the spirit of giving, KVALITO proudly supports two remarkable charities dedicated to uplifting lives:

Women’s Centre for Change (WCC)  

The Women’s Centre for Change (WCC) in Penang, Malaysia, is a beacon of support for women and children affected by trauma and abuse. Through an extensive range of services, outreach programs, and advocacy initiatives, WCC works tirelessly to provide a safe space for those in need. Their incredible work ensures a nurturing environment and support, helping the most vulnerable individuals to get back on their feet.

Zentralinstitut für Seelische Gesundheit (ZI)

ZI is a small yet impactful charity in Mannheim, Germany, dedicated to aiding children and their families in coping with mental health issues. Through over forty stationery and ten-day spots allocated for affected children, ZI provides crucial care, therapy and support. Their programs offer children opportunities to engage in various projects centred around art, music, and culture. Such care and activities play a pivotal role in helping children rediscover a sense of belonging and cultivate a healthier, more positive, and resilient mindset.

Your partnership empowers us not only in our business endeavours but also in making a meaningful difference and uplifting communities around the world.

Thank you for an incredible year of collaboration. As this festive season unfolds, may it bring you moments of joy, reflection, and anticipation for an enriching and even more successful 2024.


Warm regards,


Magdalena Kurpierz, Founder and CEO, KVALITO Consulting Group

Selvi Nadarajan, Director-APAC, KVALITO Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Eva Unverferth Director, KVALITO Italy S.r.l.

and the KVALITO team.


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