Artitra Chakrabarti Internship Report

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Aritra Chakrabarti

I started working with KVALITO Consulting Group in November 2021 as an intern. I do not know how this period of 8 months has passed, in just a blink of an eye. My role was Junior Data Science Consultant in the company. It would not have been possible to render my service without the valuable guidance and constant support of the senior employees and consultants.

At the time of joining, I barely had any knowledge about the functioning of an industrial firm and was new to this kind of setup. KVALITO has given me the opportunity to get some hands-on experience in the corporate world. I have gained a vast array of knowledge in both the technical as well as social domains. A huge advantage of working in this company was its friendly and supportive working environment and the super generous mentors and guides. I have received several pieces of training regarding the basic concepts of the Life Science sector and how it can be useful to connect it with my specialisations, i.e., statistics and data science, and got valuable guidance from my mentors whenever I got stuck. Being an ongoing post-graduate student studying my master’s in Statistics at Calcutta University, the flexibility in the working hours helped me manage both my studies and the tasks/responsibilities in the company very efficiently.

I worked on several tasks starting from creating Competencies Management Matrices for the company, working on different Special Interest Group Projects, and working as a learning consultant for Excel Validations at Novartis AAA (Advanced Accelerator Applications). The company has taught me to connect the technical know-how of data science to its real-world applications. We have researched on few topics, such as a working PCA algorithm, which can be used for modelling the variations of an HPLC Liquid Chromatogram and different possible predictive modelling techniques for asserting risk in Computer System Validation (CSV) world. It was really an experience of a lifetime to learn and gain knowledge from industry experts. I am so incredibly grateful to KVALITO forever, for providing me with these numerous wonderful opportunities.

I recently worked with AAA, (Advanced Accelerator Applications)on an excel validation project under the supervision of a senior consultant. With some brilliant working sessions and tutorials held by other colleagues, I enjoyed acquiring many new skills and concepts which will be highly impactful for me in building my future career in a better way.

During my internship, I learned that intertemporal discipline is an attribute worth mentioning, as this enables us to deliver on individual targets. The frequent intra-company meetings with both general and specific views of the diversified team to handle the tasks of the company in a presentable pattern also contributed another feather to the crown of my experience.

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