Kazi Nasif Ahmed Internship Report


Transformative Experiences at KVALITO Consulting Group: A Journey of Growth

In December 2022, I was privileged to join KVALITO Consulting Group as a Finance Intern, igniting a transformative journey that surpassed my expectations. The opportunity to work with a globally recognized company in the heart of Europe filled me with excitement as I immersed myself in the dynamic and captivating field of Finance. From day one, I felt warmly welcomed into a supportive work environment that fostered personal growth and allowed me to make a meaningful impact during my internship.

Seamless Onboarding and Supportive Work Environment

From the very beginning, things were exceptionally smooth and precise. Onboarding calls helped me get up to speed, providing invaluable guidance for my tasks. I am grateful for the supportive work environment where welcoming colleagues assisted me in adjusting to the corporate world, creating a smooth ride for a fresh graduate like myself.

Finance Internship Highlights: Driving Financial Excellence

I actively participated in various accounting, finance, and general administration tasks during my internship. A notable project involved creating a comprehensive budget for KVALITO Malaysia and gathering and analysing financial data to develop a budget aligned with our objectives. This experience honed my financial analysis and budgeting skills, highlighting the criticality of financial planning in business.

Additionally, I had the privilege of revamping the company’s business plan. Through careful analysis and recommendations, I sharpened my analytical and problem-solving abilities while gaining insights into the consulting and life science industry. Moreover, extensive work with Excel, including data entry, analysis, and chart creation, enhanced my proficiency in essential Excel skills, which is vital for any finance role.

Broadening Business Knowledge: Transfer Pricing and Project Management

During my internship, I gained valuable expertise in international business and pricing services between our global offices through researching and analysing transfer pricing documents. Additionally, I contributed to the recruitment process by reviewing applications and interviewing candidates for an accountant position, which enhanced my communication skills and provided insights into talent acquisition.

In addition, I supported training projects in Malaysia, where my responsibilities included handling applications for approval and invoicing, among others. Moreover, I worked with the Malaysian German Chamber of Commerce on a webinar for companies from various industries, where I handled various behind the scenes administrative tasks, giving me hands-on project-handling experience. All of these experiences allowed me to deepen my project management skills immensely. Moreover, I had the opportunity to explore my creative side by editing videos for KVALITO, bringing innovation to my internship experience.

Learnings that Propel Success: Professional Skills Acquired

Throughout my internship, I thrived in a supportive, welcoming work environment that encouraged autonomy and ownership. This transformative experience gave me valuable lessons:

  1. Every task, no matter how small, contributes to a more significant outcome, reinforcing the importance of attention to detail.
  2. Time management and prioritization skills are essential to success in any professional setting. I honed these skills during my internship by successfully juggling multiple tasks and consistently meeting deadlines.
  3. Strong communication skills, refined through conducting interviews and participating in professional meetings, are paramount for professional success.
  4. A collaborative work environment nurtures effective teamwork and collective achievements.
  5. Adaptability and flexibility in handling diverse tasks and responsibilities create an environment of growth and efficiency.

My internship at KVALITO Consulting Group empowered me with practical skills, enriched my business acumen, and fostered personal and professional growth. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the company’s success and make lasting connections within the KVALITO family.



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