Catalysts of Change: KVALITO’s Generous Donation Enables Skateboard Workshops for Youth Empowerment

In a bid to spread joy and support youth in need, KVALITO Consulting Group proudly announces its latest contribution to the Youth Psychiatry Support Circle at the esteemed Central Institute of Mental Health (ZI) in Mannheim. With a donation of 5,000 Euros, KVALITO aims to ignite smiles and foster growth among young patients through engaging skateboard workshops throughout the year.

Revitalising youth spirits: Barbara Stroh, Founder and CEO Magdalena Kurpierz, and Julia Jornitz from KVALITO, along with dedicated ZI staff Alexandra Sondergeld (far left) and Rolf Oster-Ritter, exemplifying the power of partnership.

For KVALITO Consulting Group, giving back during the holiday season is a cherished tradition. “We believe in uplifting those facing challenges, especially children,” remarks Magdalena Kurpierz, Founder and CEO of KVALITO. “The work undertaken by child and adolescent psychiatric clinics deeply resonates with us, and we’re thrilled to stand by the dedicated team at ZI Mannheim, supporting their noble cause.”

Rolf Oster-Ritter, Nursing Director in the Clinic for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Deputy Chair of the Support Circle, expresses heartfelt gratitude, saying, “KVALITO’s continued support is invaluable. This donation will enable us to conduct multiple skateboard workshops, enhancing therapeutic experiences for our young patients. Skateboard workshops promote physical activity and bolster confidence and camaraderie among participants, fostering holistic well-being.”

Team KVALITO in Mannheim, CEO Magdalena Kurpierz, Barbara Stroh, and Julia Burdack

The Impact of the Support Circle:

The Support Circle for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Mannheim e.V. plays a pivotal role in enriching the lives of young patients. From facilitating therapeutic leisure activities to procuring learning materials and equipment, the Support Circle ensures that every child’s journey towards healing is met with compassion and care.



KVALITO is a strategic service partner and a global Life Science network for regulated industries, focusing on quality. Founded in 2013 in Switzerland, KVALITO delivers innovative services globally. We empower businesses in the Life Science and Healthcare industries with ATI, ML, AI, AR / VR, Blockchain, Big Data, Cloud and Robotics. By fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration, KVALITO continues to be a driving force in the pursuit of quality and excellence in healthcare and in improving patient outcomes globally. 


About the Central Institute of Mental Health:

The Central Institute of Mental Health (ZI) is synonymous with groundbreaking research and compassionate care in psychiatry, psychotherapy, child and adolescent psychiatry, psychosomatics, and addiction medicine. Committed to advancing mental health awareness and prevention, ZI serves as a beacon of hope for individuals of all ages grappling with mental health challenges.


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