KVALITO Donates to its Partner WCC (The Women’s Centre for Change)

Selvi Nadaraja (KVALITO Director APAC) journeyed to Penang, Malaysia, in December to meet the WCC team, learn about their latest activities and make a donation!

Selvi reports: “I was privileged to be hosted by CK and the team to explain various efforts of WCC in addressing abused Women and Children. WCC has a dynamic team where some of them moved from their corporate role and moved over to support something closer to their heart.   KVALITO Malaysia is grateful to the Swiss Embassy that introduced WCC to us.  KVALITO Malaysia wishes WCC all success in their noble effort to build a better community.

The WCC in Penang, Malaysia, supports women and children who have suffered trauma-inflicting situations with a large array of service, outreach, and advocacy initiatives. WCC  goes to great lengths to ensure safety and provide hands-on solutions to women and children in the most challenging situations. For more information, please visit https://www.wccpenang.org/

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