Ivanna Rusinque Internship Report

Life Science Consultant Trainee


Life’s journey often unfolds as an unpredictable story, with each chapter introducing unexpected twists and turns. My internship at KVALITO has been no exception – a narrative I could not have foreseen, yet one that has profoundly impacted my professional and personal growth. With a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from Trinity University, USA, and a Master’s in Science in Science Business Management from Utrecht University, Netherlands, my academic journey has always been driven by a curiosity to blend science with business. However, before KVALITO, my scientific journey remained primarily theoretical, focusing on fundamental research projects and clinical studies.

My journey with KVALITO began in March 2023, and from the very start, I felt welcomed and valued. The onboarding process was seamless, and I quickly assimilated into the company’s culture. What struck me most was the mentorship approach adopted by KVALITO. My first Senior Consultant emphasized that I was not just an intern but a valued team member. This approach allowed me to hit the ground running and learn rapidly.

KVALITO provided a unique opportunity to merge my passion for science with the world of business, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry, from a technological and automation perspective. This fresh perspective allowed me to uncover crucial aspects of innovation, data processing, and business process mapping. It quickly became apparent that client relationships were pivotal in implementing innovative solutions effectively. My internship further honed my leadership skills, emphasizing the importance of efficiency and proactivity among team members to achieve optimal results.

While my previous roles exposed me to various aspects of the pharmaceutical sector, my internship at KVALITO introduced me to new dimensions of technology and digital transformation, especially in the context of computer system validation. Concepts such as environments, test scripts, and data migration became integral to my learning journey. I could leverage my existing strengths as a consultant while also benefiting from the guidance provided by KVALITO in areas where I had knowledge gaps.

As my internship progressed, I was presented with a unique opportunity to work on two distinct projects. This experience challenged me to improve and perform at my best continually. Working with different teams, including seasoned experts, allowed me to contribute more effectively to the projects and learn valuable insights from experienced colleagues. It tested my adaptability and problem-solving skills, which I believe are crucial in the dynamic world of pharmaceuticals.

In conclusion, my internship at KVALITO has been a life-changing experience. What began as an unexpected opportunity has transformed into a personal and professional growth journey. I have developed technical and interpersonal skills, and I take immense satisfaction in knowing that my work improves healthcare within the life sciences industry. I am deeply grateful to KVALITO and the incredible individuals I have had the privilege of working with during this internship. As I look ahead, I am excited about the future and the continued impact I can make in the pharmaceutical sector and providing patient-centred solutions.


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