Nixon So Internship Report

Life Science Consultant


I have always aspired to become a well-rounded consultant, skilled in problem-solving across the healthcare industry. Through diverse experiences at KVALITO, I expanded my capabilities in analytics, process excellence, technology, communication, and leadership.

Participating in projects at Pharmaledger, Galapagos NV, and KVALITO allowed me to broaden my expertise across quality management, process improvement, and technology. By synthesizing key contributions across these roles, this report demonstrates how each experience helped establish a strong foundation as an effective consultant in the healthcare sector.

Project: Project Management and Quality Assurance at Pharmaledger

At Pharmaledger, I supported the ePI release qualification process through requirements management, test planning, and defect management in Jira. I also assisted in workshops to prioritize demands for new releases. My work enhanced the quality and efficiency of the release process.


Project: Process Mapping and Analysis for Galapagos NV

At Galapagos NV, I developed control plans and SIPOC diagrams to facilitate process understanding and improvement. This visual mapping of processes enabled data-driven decision-making to optimize crucial areas. I expanded my knowledge of industry standards and quality systems.


Project: Knowledge Management at KVALITO

At KVALITO, I leveraged AI through GPT-3 and GPT-3.5 to build a knowledge management system, improving team collaboration and sharing. I gained hands-on experience applying advanced technologies like GPT-3 to enhance knowledge management and workplace efficiency.


Project: Talent Management and Acquisition at KVALITO

I automated resume parsing by extracting competency keywords to support recruiting efforts and conducted data analysis to generate insights for the recruitment team. I also created an email list through data parsing to reduce manual work. As an AI demonstrator, I introduced teams to AI capabilities to optimize workflows.


Project: Business Cases and Blog Articles at KVALITO

I wrote an article on pharmaceutical data engineering trends and redesigned graphs for a validation paper using Visio, which allowed me to synthesize research and convey technical information through writing and data visualization.

I sincerely thank my mentors Magdalena, Selvi, Ruben at KVALITO, and especially Mario at Pharmaledger, along with Maria at KVALITO. With their guidance and support, I gained valuable experience to begin a consulting career in the healthcare industry. I look forward to leveraging these skills in future roles as I continue developing as a consultant in KVALITO.


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