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KVALITO’s Commitment to DEI

Introduction At KVALITO Consulting Group, we're more than innovators—we're pioneers committed to a transformative force in life sciences. Beyond our strides in technology and quality assurance lies a deeper mission, one woven into the very fabric of our organization:...

Article Series: The Fil Rouge that Connects all Quality Processes: 4. Process Mapping and Analysis

In our ongoing exploration of the interconnected web of quality processes within a QMS, we shift our attention from previously discussed methodologies to a pivotal focus on process mapping and analysis. These practices serve as the fact-based bedrock essential for...

An Overview of ETL in the Pharmaceutical Industry

What is ETL? ETL, or Extract, Transform, Load, is a fundamental data integration and management process. Within the pharmaceutical and healthcare sphere, ETL plays a pivotal role in amalgamating data from diverse sources like EMRs, lab reports, billing info, and...

Article Series: The Fil Rouge that Connects all Quality Processes: 3. Process Improvement Methodologies

Connecting the Dots in Continuous Improvement In our exploration of the 'fil rouge' that underlies key quality processes within a Quality Management System (QMS), we've embarked on a journey to understand how continuous improvement shapes the landscape of the...